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Dayvon Goddard is a graduate of Voorhees College with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Accounting. During his college matriculation and beyond, Mr. Goddard has worked closely alongside hiring managers and staffing agencies in order to get a better understanding of what employers want from recent college graduates. He then decided that he learned valuable information from these searches and he wanted to share it with the rest of the college students and recent graduates all around the world.
Mr. Goddard said: “I realized that most recent graduates get their degree and end up working in a job that’s either not in their major or that doesn’t require a degree, one of the primary reasons for this is because of the economy, we are not qualified for most positions that are available and the ones that we are qualified for, we drop the ball during the interview or we lose the job to another candidate.
Secrets of the Hire is about assisting my fellow recent graduates in performing extremely well at their interviews, even when they are competing with someone who may be more qualified.
After having a countless number interviews, Mr. Goddard has finally found his dream job working as a Logistics Specialist for the Department of Defense, Mr. Goddard says: It was truly a blessing when I received this job offer, and it was all because of having been on plenty of job interviews and finding out the key to what employers want, hence the name “Secrets of the Hire”. I now know what employers are looking for in entry level candidates and I just want to share my knowledge with the struggling college students and recent graduates out there.

Why should we listen to you?

I know your probably thinking, why should we listen to this guy? he is a recent graduate himself, he only graduated in 2012, what does he know?  Yes this may be true but guess what I’ve done?  I’ve aligned my self with HR professionals, resume experts, career experts, career counselors etc.  These individuals are a part of my daily network, I am interacted with these individuals on a daily basis.  The knowledge I’ve obtained and will continue to obtain from these individuals are priceless.  I don’t claim to be the sole expert in this field BUT the network that I’ve aligned myself with over the years has allowed me to credible.  The problem with most individuals in this field is, they think they know everything about it.  The will give you career advice, resume tips, interview tips etc. but guess what?  those tips are coming from ONLY ONE perspective.  I am bringing you information from experts at ALL levels and different perspectives.  This way, you have different views you can better resonate with.  I’ve developed relationships with individuals from the largest job boards and career companies that you hear about today.  Who better to get this type of information from than someone who aligned themselves with these professionals?  Now that you’re convinced on why you should stick around, lets find out why I started Secrets of the Hire.

Why Secrets of the Hire?

Many people ask me why Secrets of the Hire?  My answer always remains the same, why not?  I can remember months prior to graduation, I would apply to any and every job that had something to do with my major (accounting).  Before I graduated, I probably sent my resume out to over 150 jobs and I got a call back from a handful.  Those handful of companies felt as though I was worthy enough for a phone interview.  More often than not, I nailed the phone interview (at times I didn’t).  I was then invited to participate in a face to face interview with the company and 10 times out of 10, that face to face interview would be the last time I ever heard from that company again.  I began to ask myself why?  What is it that I am doing wrong?  After being extremely frustrated of  not being able to land a job, I started to contact the HR department of random companies, asking them for interview tips.  I also contacted and staffing agencies and requested that they conduct mock interviews with me.  I did this in an attempt to find out the “Secrets of the Hire”.  I always felt like it was a Secret as to why employers did not give me the job offer, they never told me my interview sucked, they never told me that there was a better candidate out there, in fact, they failed to tell me anything.  Sounds like a Secret to me.
After weeks of conducting these mock interviews, resume tips and career advice, I felt as though I was finally ready.  I was finally ready to take what I’ve learned and apply it to a career that I could be proud of, a career that would actually make a difference in someone’s life, I am sure that you can tell right now that Accounting was not my passion, it was only my major.  I took what I learned and I applied for a job through USAJOBS.GOV.  Now, for any of you that applied for a job via USAJOBS, you know that it is extremely tough to get in unless you are prior military or previously worked for a federal government agency.  In short, I ended up applying for a Logistics Specialist Management position for the Department of Defense and I GOT IT.  My resume and interview success broke through over 8,000 highly qualified candidates.  If you want to hear the full story of that process you can email me at dayvon@secretsofthehire.com.  I would love to get you on a Skype call and take you through the process.
Shortly after getting the job, I decided to start a blog that would help college students and recent graduates do the same.  I want those individuals to get their dream job.  I know that I have a ton to share with that community.  The primary purpose of the Secrets of the Hire blog.

Why College Students and Recent Graduates?

Because I can relate.  I chose college student and recent graduates because I’ve been in their shoes, in fact, I am still there.  I graduated from college in 2012, I know the mindset of a college student and recent graduate.  Even though is blog caters to that audience, I am positive that if you are a higher level executive, resume writer, career counselor etc.  I am positive that you will be able to benefit from this site as well.

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